Snookems in the Between

Humanist, amateur musician and actor.


"The difference never has to be a barrier between us" 

Friendship is amitié in french 

it’s the most beautiful thing we can share in this world. We have to be proud of us and accept the others the way they are, it will be only benefic =) 

personal little gif ^^  


Apparently there are bronies out there that are angry that girls/women like My Little Pony. Because they think they are faking their interest in it/don’t love it as much as them.

They’re applying the “fake gamer/geek girl” stereotype onto the audience the show was intended for.

And if you don’t think that’s the most hilarious shit idk if we can be friends.


Do you think Tim Burton even has auditions for his movies anymore or does he just sit Helena and Johnny down and say “listen we’re doing another movie.”